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Japanese Assistant Teacher Program Assistant Language Teacher Program (ALT)

Japanese assistant teacher program Assistant Language Teacher Program
For those who want to be English or Japanese teachers Teach English to Japanese children and contribute to
English education in Japan
Oregon Japanese immersion program Designated activities visa program
Alaska Japanese immersion program
Washington Japanese immersion program
California Japanese immersion program

Eligibility university student, university graduate, Eligibility university student, university graduate
teachers aged 35 or younger Download Leaflet
Download Application Form

US two-year College Program English Language Study Program

US two-year college program English language study program
Head start for those who want to go to American universities For university students or working people who want to
improve their English skills
US two-year college program University of California Extension program
Ivy League Extension Program

Eligibility high school graduate aged 18 or older Eligibility university student, university graduate

Junior High School / High School Program

Junior high school / high school program
Discover the new world while still in flexible mind
US exchange program
Canada public high school program
One-year high school program in English speaking
Eligibility junior high school student, high school student

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