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Introduction ISECE endeavors to increase mutual understanding and cultural appreciation among the young people and
educators of the world. ISECE does in close coordination with educational establishments such as education boards, universities, local governments and civil organizations for intercultural exchange. This concept is implemented through a variety of ISECE's human resources development programs and cross-cultural training programs. Our hope is that through those programs, ISECE will contribute to world peace and the development of human resources.

Official Name International Society of Educational and Cultural Exchange Inc. Foundation (ISECE)

Institution This society was originally founded in 1983 as Cultural Internship and Youth Exchange (CIYE). It was reorganized
into a non-profit foundation and it's corporate name was changed to International Society of Educational and Cultural Exchange (ISECE) in August of 2009 on the occasion of CIYE's 25th anniversary.

Board Members Chairman : Yoshio Ohno
Trustee : Mitsutoshi Okuda / Trustee : Shizuma Kouso / Auditor : Yoshihiro Takeuchi
Councilor : Kouichi Iwata / Councilor : Shu Hayashida / Councilor : Shunta Mori
Exective Advisor : Tsutomu Yoshioka

Business Contents

To train youth to be active in the global business

Young people are the center of carrying on the next era. It is because of this that it is important for them to be active on the world stage and to improve their international understanding.

To improve foreign language communication ability

Educators are at the forefront of improving other's foreign language ability and teaching international understanding.

To initiate foreign language teaching methods through international exchange

To realize multi-cultural

Our aim is to get many cultures together to promote knowledge and understanding.

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Address Tosyo Bldg. 1F 3-16-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku,
Tokyo 113-0033 JAPAN

Phone1 03-3267-2224 Fax 03-3830-8099
Phone2 03-3830-8077
E-mail info@isece.jp Web http://www.isece.jp/

Access 4-min walk from Hongo-sanchome station

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